Bernard Armani, President and CEO

As the founder of Deserving Health International Corporation, Mr. Armani brings
over 26 years of experience in the research and development of botanical extractions,
the isolation of phytochemical compounds from plants and herbs, the development of
natural therapeutic products, and in the creation and evolution of medical devices.

Large-scale research projects, both in Germany and Switzerland, involved Mr. Armanis
extensive background in spagyrik whole-plant extracts, homeopathics, isopathics, and
the highest quality immune-modulator extractions from bacteria and fungus available today.

Pleomorphic and isopathic remedies are used successfully in many countries in the world
(discovered by Professor Enderlein in the 1920's in Germany).

With partners in Europe, North America, as well as seventeen years in global business,
Mr. Armani guides the creation of Deserving Health International Corporation
s policies
and is solely responsible for securing all strategic partnerships.

Mr. Armani is the founder of Biolytical Laboratories in Richmond B.C., Canada. Under
Biolytical Laboratories, Mr. Armani released the fastest HIV Test Kit (The 60 Second INSTI,
HIV/Aids Rapid test Kit. Known under the trade name INSTI HIV TEST KIT), which is approved
with Health Canada, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA USA), and Conformité
Européene (CE). In Europe, he is known for the highest  achievement in rapid testing, and point
of care testing (

In 2005, Mr. Armani received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Richmond Chamber
of Commerce (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada).

Olivia Lam, BSc, Chief Operating Officer
With over fifteen years of experience in skincare manufacturing operations, Ms. Lam oversees
the cross-functional operation strategies at Deserving Health International Corporation.
She guides the company in the implementation of scalable processes and partner solutions for
fast-paced expansion and continuous improvement. Ms. Lam holds a Bachelor of Science
from the University of British Columbia

 Deserving Health International Corp.
300 - 1055 W. Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 2E9

Mon - Fri, 9am – 5pm (Pacific Time)



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